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Digital Image Archives as Sites of Negotiation for Critical Art Education

Mittwoch, 06. September 2023

14:40 – 16:00, EN, 353

SESSION 03.20 – Theory-based, Thematic Workshop
Eva Greisberger
(University of Applied Arts Vienna), Petra Weixelbraun (University of Applied Arts Vienna) & Eva-Maria Schitter (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg)

Digital Image Archives as Sites of Negotiation for Critical Art Education

Digital Image Archives as Sites of Negotiation for Critical Art Education
In order to meet the demands of the post-digital age from the perspective of art education, it is crucial to take a critical look at the visual imagery of fine arts. Institutions digitize selected imagery primarily for representational and documentational reasons, yet these images become emblematic patterns of the respective culture in a digital realm. Based on Spivak's educational concept of Unlearning, one main set of questions is central: How can we create a sensitivity for the voids in the canonical imagery of art and its history when dealing with digital image archives? How can we, in the context of art education, lead to breaking down the habitualized and learned hierarchies of power and conceive an anti-discriminatory and power-critical future of art (history)? In the workshop, participants are encouraged to collaboratively explore strategies on how to work with digital image archives and question habitualized viewing habits. Hands on, they conceptualize and develop prototypes for educational tools, to foster a critical and inclusive understanding of the archive in a postcolonial discourse. The workshop aims to highlight the transdisciplinary educational potential that is currently only marginally used and processed in art education. It opens a learning space for future-oriented qualifications that are urgently required in the 21st century. Digital image archives are understood as collaborative educational spaces and will be situated in the course of the workshop as inclusive, power-critical sites of negotiation and renegotiation of historically grown inequalities and necessary reforms.

InSEA (The International Society for Education Through Art) World Congress 2023 (Çanakkale, Türkei)